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Friday, May 14, 2021
Welcoming All into God's Peace Together
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Looking for in-place
Recovery Meeting?
Grace has provided
a safe space for
Recovery Groups
to meet in our
Undercroft Parish Hall.
Click above on 
for updated schedule
and information.

St. Luke's/St. Paul's and
St. John's Food Pantries
in Bridgeport urgently
need donations of
groceries but cereal
seems to go fast
- especially now during
this difficult Pandemic.
Please leave your food
donation in the vestibule
inside the red doors
of the Main entrance.
We will deliver it for you! 
St. Pauly's
Donation Shed
in the back
parking lot at Grace.

May 9, 2021
Glow Highlights!
• Episcopal Church
statement on new
refugee cap
• Beloved coffee hour
may soon return
• Bishops' Transition
"Fifth Sundays
Sunday, May 30
ECCT;s YouTube
Channel,10:00 am
Caroline House
SAT., MAY 22
Local: From
Trumbull Patch
• Green Light
for children
• CT makes extra effort
to increase vaccines
• Vaccine locations 
Daily Voice 
• Vaccine roll-out
rates by county
• Date set to end
most restrictions
• Help feed our neighbors
- Virtual Food Drive
Tuesday, MAY 25
at 7:00 PM 
• Aligned with new company,
Confident Health
A word from the brothers
Saint John the Evangelist
 - The Good Shepherd - 
Fri. May 21, 4PM
"An Embodies Spring"
Women's Retreat Weekend
   • 2021 Camp Schedule
• Welcome to a
different kind of summer!
• Employment opportunities
And so much more...
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are always open.
5958 Main St.
Trumbull CT
Handicapped accessible
pews are located
at the front of
the sacristy.
Office hours:
are by appointment only
until further notice.
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Financial Stewardship

The Ministry of Mindful Stewardship

Jesus taught more about the use of money than any other subject.  Many of us are working toward making our checkbooks be a reflections of our faith.  We ask questions like, 'Where does most of my financial energy go?'  'How does my work reflect my faith?'  'How do I use my finances to give back to God the many blessings I've been given?'
People who are active at Grace Church are asked to make a financial pledge toward the ministries of the parish each fall for the coming year.  We hope that people will strive toward pledging our standard "share," which is $50 per week.  Obviously, some people cannot swing that much, while others may be able to gratefully give 3, 5 or even more shares.  What does a really good pledge look like?  The standard idea of a tithe, or tenth, of your income given to support God's mission, whether through the church or another agency, is one way to gauge this question.  Now more than ever in our consumerist culture, we know that our relationship with money and material possessions makes a big impact on our faith.  A faithful pledge is one important way to work toward living into the counter-cultural way of Jesus.
If you have not made a pledge this year and would like to, you don't have to wait until this fall!  Contact Jonathan and ask for a pledge card.  Your new pledge, given for the remainder of this year, will be celebrated!
Our church takes our communal financial management very seriously and we strive to be mindful in our financial practices.  The Finance Team has a number of tasks - they oversee our church financial systems and support the treasurer, they assign a team to conduct our yearly stewardship campaign, they consider the wise investment and use of our small savings account, they insure that our yearly audit and parochial reports are filed, they organize special fundraising efforts and each fall they receive the priorities of the Vestry to translate them into a working budget.  If you 'speak money' and are comfortable working with and developing finances, we'd love your participation on the finance team.