Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018
Welcoming All into God's Peace Together
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Who We Are

Hungering and thirsting for something real? 
Wondering how to connect with people in a way that matters? 
Looking for ways to share your love with a world that needs so much healing? 
Wrestling with the big questions?
You're not alone. 
Grace Church opens its doors to you
and and to all who want to deepen in relationship with God, themselves and others.
To us, being a church means much more than what you say you believe
or even where you are on Sunday morning.
We want to become a community that walks the walk of Jesus every single day
 and in all our relationships
at home, work, school or even in the grocery store check out line.
We commit to recognize each other and abide with each other
as children of God, despite differences of opinion,
living into the dream of true Christian community.
 We are experimenting with new ways of  'being church'
and of loving God and our neighbors as ourselves.
 We honor ancient liturgical traditions - traditions that have fed many generations with mystery.
And we recognize the mystery as a deep well of living water
that can quench the deepest thirst.
 We are listening for how we're being called to follow Jesus in the 21st century,
when being a Christian is increasingly more counter-cultural.
And we are cultivating our joy in being loved
as diverse cells of God's body.
Perhaps God is calling you to join us in the journey.