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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Welcoming All into God's Peace Together
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Pastoral Care


The Pastoral Care Team

The members of the pastoral care team find ways to reach out with caring and love to those in the church or community who are going through difficult times.  This includes reaching out to those who are hospitalized, those who are suffering the grief of loss or those who are homebound and unable to participate in activities they previously enjoyed. 
The pastoral care team brings the love and care of the church community and the nourishment of the sacraments to those who are unable to get to church, coordinate the weekly Episcopal service at St. Joseph's nursing home, visit parishioners who are hospitalized, and administer the church's prayer list.  Some members of the pastoral care team are particularly interested in the healing ministry, and are considering starting up a healing team to assist with the healing prayers in church on Sunday. 
While those who are visited by a member of the pastoral care team feel that they have benefitted the most, the members of the team will tell you that they get just as much or more from their pastoral care experiences.  Our rector, who was a hospital chaplain before coming to Connecticut, is looking forward to setting up some useful training events in pastoral care techniques throughout the year for current and prospective pastoral care team members.  At these trainings, participants will become more confident in being able to be present and to know what to say to others who are going through a tough time in a way that is sensitive and helpful.  Pastoral care is a deeply spiritual ministry that invites deepening and growth for all who are involved.  Contact Gloria if you feel called to develop your skills as a pastoral visitor or caregiver.