Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018
Welcoming All into God's Peace Together
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Who welcomes people to Grace Church?

We all do! 
This is a ministry of every member and at the core of who we are.  Grace Church does not exist for the people already inside the building.  Grace Church is here as a group of people hoping to share God's love and healing with those who have not visited yet - or who might never visit on a Sunday morning.   If you do visit, we hope you feel the love we already have in our hearts for you.  We know God has called you here, and we wish to honor and welcome you in Christ, whoever you are.
Our weekly coffee hour following our Sunday service is a ministry of hospitality that everyone at Grace takes part in.  On a rotating basis, all active people are scheduled to bring in a tray of treats to share.  In this way, we all share in the ministry of hospitality after the service.  If you've been here a while, you can expect to be tapped on the shoulder to take your turn.  If you're new around here and want to make sure you're included in the rotation, please let Maryann in the office know.
We also aim to bring our church's hospitality out into our everyday lives - finding ways to be God's love and healing in our homes, our workplaces and on the street.  Grace Church is not a building.  It's a group of people.  And it goes wherever we go!