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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Welcoming All into God's Peace Together
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12-Step Recovery






Grace Church feels strongly that we are called to support and encourage people who are in recovery – specifically those who are recovering from addictions, and their families.  We feel particularly called to offer support spiritually, and Grace Church is a place to feel safe, welcomed and embraced.



There are AA meetings at Grace every day of the week. Meetings are held in a dedicated space — our lower level of Lewis Hall. Lewis Hall is located adjacent to the church and parking is behind the building and behind the church. This lower level has a kitchen area for coffee and snack preparation, a large main meeting room, a small conference/meditation room, and a private restroom.



We understand that the AA 12 Step program is a spiritual one. People in this program believe a spiritual Higher Power gives them strength, guidance, and understanding on their new journey in recovery. Some feel drawn to explore (or re-visit) God, Jesus, and Christian traditions. Others are curious about what the Episcopal church is all about and whether they might find peace here.  At Grace, we extend our hand at all times, giving all people support in any way we can.



On the third Friday of every month we invite everyone to the Recovery Liturgy service. This special service is designed to follow the 12 Step Program, for all people in recovery and all those suffering from grief, divorce, addiction, alcohol abuse – anything causing loss-of-life’s purpose.  We are all looking to recover from something.  Step away for an hour's retreat from your stress and be filled with the strength and hope you can only get from turning your struggles over to your God.