Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018
Welcoming All into God's Peace Together
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Art Studio


The Grace Church Art Studio

Love to paint, draw or create any other visual media? Find it hard to fine the time or physical space to do it? The Grace Church Art Studio is for those who already love art or for those who want to find a new way to tap into their creative being. In addition to being an enjoyable pastime, art is an important outlet for those having difficulty finding peace or expressing their emotions. Therefore our Art Studio is intended as a peaceful place of healing and creativity for all. We hope it gives those who want to paint, draw or even just doodle a special place to come and release what's inside their heart and spirit, and also gives those who are searching for a better way to cope with the pain, suffering and stress of meeting the demands of life, a place to meet their higher power through art.
Location: Upper Lewis Hall, across from the main offices.
Available: Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Currently, we ask that you bring your own supplies and take them with you when you are done. We do have a few paints, brushes, small canvases and some paper for those who need assistance in getting started. We encourage anyone who wants to come to use this space as often as they wish. We also plan to offer art lessons in the near future. Art Studio rules are posted on the door of the studio, and we ask that all who use the studio abide by them for the good of all.
Donations of materials, talents or time to grow our Art Studio mission are greatly appreciated. And because this is a new venture, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. For questions or suggestions, please contact Dave Varker.